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is creating Entertainment with a Modern Twist
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About Alex Kuleman

Hello there! I am Alex Kuleman, the founder and President of eShortsMEDIA and I am here to talk about why I am about to ask you for your support here on Patreon.

What is eShortsMEDIA?
eShortsMEDIA is an independent entertainment studio creating a collection of impressive films and shows or the whole world to see.

Wait...entertainment? Don't you guys have like millions of dollars?
No. Our film and web-series slate appears on YouTube & Newgrounds, and we(along with several other people on this innovative platform) produce our productions with small budgets. Because of this, we launched this patreon so we can receive the proper funding for our production slate. eShortsMEDIA is filled with creative minds filled with ambition and overflowing imagination(one of them being yours truly) and we want more of our ideas to appear on your screens.

So why use "eShorts Early Access" as your Patreon branding?
With everything we create, we like to add a little flair that is apart of the eShorts standard. And because we wanted this patreon to meet that same standard, we created some tiers under the moniker. Your support gets you early access to our shows & films before anyone else, hence the name. But you also get more, such as discounts, sweepstakes and better experiences.

But what if I don't have any money? D;
Supporting us through Patreon is optional. While we are thankful for the money you give by becoming a patron, you can always support us by watching, liking and following our videos & accounts where we release content. Of course, you do have to wait longer for content and miss out on special discounts, sweepstakes & other amazing perks.

If you are excited to witness the imaginative ideas from the people at eShortsMEDIA than support us here on Patreon.

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