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is creating small games
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About Eugene Cone

Greetings, Hardcore People!
And thank you for your attention!
My name is Eugene, and I'm making small game prototypes for 10+ years!
Making games and releasing them is not the same thing, if you know what I mean, but at least I'm having great fun in the process of gameplay prototyping.

Who am I?
I'm a graduated software security engineer, ex-rocket engine tester, developer of a ton of interactive presentations for various exhibitions and leader of a small enthusiastic game creators' team called VR-Gamers [it has nothing to do with virtual reality - it's just a cool way of writing We Are Gamers, or so I thought back then when I came up with such title].

What do I do?
I experiment on everything that smells like gamedev:
- writing code and constantly improving my programming skills [it's my professional trait after all]
- animating stuff (characters, machinery, huge destructions)
- making levels
- managing our tiny friendly team
- designing our games from the very basic ideas to the playable demos [this is usually where we stop and start another project of get back to our main project]

So, why am I here?
I'm having fun bringing my gameplay ideas to life and would like to share them with you... No big plan here :D I'll be posting presumably interesting stuff about my experiments.

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