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About E.A. Channon

I'm E.A. Channon, I am an award winning author of the book, Ballad of a Bagpiper–Whatever Blows Up Your Kilt, my hilarious autobiography of an extraordinary life of playing the bagpipes.

Now I have written my next series, Flesh of the Blood, a fantasy story.  I have tried to enrich and enhance Flesh of the Blood with my aristocratic English upbringing, heritage that can be traced to the time of kings, knights and battles for the honor of fair maidens.  My knowledge and education in history helps out round out the stories to make them fun, adventurous, funny and exciting!

I have written all six books in this series but continue to work on new series of work including Sci-Fi, and even a vampire horror novel based on my families history! Your patronage will assist me in my writing efforts as well keep my doggies fed.  For your patronage, you will be given access to back stories on characters, sneak peaks, personal access to me to get questions answered and so much more.  

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We've funded all the costs that go into hosting websites, printing, publishing the books, artwork and of course, the touring.  With our frugal budget this goal will help us fund our adventures, including touring, help with the up coming audiobook, and a graphic novel series in the works and more future books to come.
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