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Thank you so much for joining me as a Patron! As a thank you for your support, you will receive access to my exclusive Patron's Only news feed, have access to the All Post feed which is a space to share your comments, fan art, and chat with other people who enjoy a common interest (my art!), and also receive early access to all of my new YouTube videos!

That's a lot of stuff for a dollar!
The Count and Countess Tier
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Thank you for donating a little more! At this level, not only will you receive access to the Patron Only feeds and get early access to new videos, you will also receive an MP3 download of each new song I write.

The Marquis and Marquise Tier
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If you donate even a little bit more, you will receive a bonus audio commentary track with each new release for a little behind the scenes info into what I was thinking about when working on each new song, plus all previous rewards.
The Duke and Duchess Tier
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Wow! Thank you so much! As a reward for your generosity, once a month I will send you a postcard from a random location that I happen to be at during my travels, plus all previous rewards.

The Prince and Princess Tier
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You are so generous! Thank you so much! Join me once a month for a Google Hangout session in which we'll chat about anything from future projects to  which president could beat an owlbear in an arm wrestling match, plus all previous rewards.
The King and Queen Tier
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Wow! Thank you so, so very much! I'm honored!
Historically, Bards would be employed by wealthy nobles to basically write awesome fan fiction about how cool the Nobles are. At this tier, you would be my noble! I will email you and discuss your heroic deeds, which can range from saving the kingdom from an evil dragon to taking the garbage out even though it's snowing outside, and I will create a ballad in your honor a couple times a year!
Not to mention, you get ALL the rewards!




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About Earl the Bard

Hail and well met, friends!

Welcome to my Patreon page! This is an incredible platform that will allow you folks who love what I do help support me so that I can keep doing what I love to do. For those of you just joining me, what I love to do is to create Bardic Tales and write music on the Hurdy Gurdy.

With Patreon, I will be offering sweet rewards for you fine folks to help give back for your support in helping me afford to create new Tales. My videos will always be free on YouTube, but by supporting me through Patreon, you can experience even more content! The pledges you see over on the right allow you to pick a donation level that suits your budget. Once you pick a pledge level, you will be charged only when I release a "paid post", which will typically be one to two times a month. For your comfort, Patreon will also allow you to set a monthly cap. That way you never have to worry about me being too prolific and can ensure that you always stay well within a budget that is comfortable for you.

With your support, I will be able to focus more on creating original work, which, as an artist, means the world to me! These donations will help fund the production of future videos: better equipment, new instruments, food so I can continue to live so I can continue to create art! Please donate only what you are comfortable with, and know that any amount at all makes a world of difference!

And that's all there is to it!  Thank you so much, friends, and I hope you'll join me in this crazy adventure here on Patreon!

Earl the Bard
$153 of $200 per original tale
Huzzah for the first wave of Patrons! If we can reach this goal, I will be able to afford a digital interface for my at home recording studio! This will allow me to record with real microphones instead of my little laptop mic!
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