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About Earthdog58

Patreon: "paint a compelling picture of how they can join you on this epic journey" 

Me: um ...

Thank you for having a vada at this page. I've spent twenty-plus years of my working life as an economic-migrant teacher, and these stories have grown out of that experience. If you've ever worked with me, then you will appear eventually - and there's an even chance you are one of those who doesn't need to feel ashamed,

I hope you will think about becoming a patron to access everything - but, most of all, I hope you get some modicum of enjoyment and amusement out of reading my stories.

So, don't be strange, heartface, troll on in and let the epic journey commence ...

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Reaching 75 patrons will be the encouragement I need to go ahead with publishing the stories in book form (through Amazon probably).
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