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About Bryan Arturo

How could we possibly express our gratitude for impacting the lives of hundreds of beyond-sustainable leaders? Your monthly donation will create a massive ripple effect by affording us more time to dedicate to empowering sustainable leaders. We appreciate every dollar, every smile, and every word of encouragement. We have learned to live with very little over the years and that makes life SO sweet. Thank you for allowing us to continue our service work to provide aspiring leaders the tools, empowerment and education they need to create MASSIVE change in the world. 

Our Mission

We are dedicated to uplifting, empowering and supporting fellow changemakers in making a big impact in the world while living a balanced and holistic lifestyle.

Our Story

Through our our service-oriented travels to experience many cultures and beyond-sustainable land projects we had the honor of learning from respected teachers, business owners, healers, artists, mentors and revolutionaries from all over the world. We have experienced a profound re-patterning that occurred when we separated ourselves from mainstream society for an extended period of time, all while falling in love. Not the romeo and juliet kind, the raw and messy way where we mirrored each other’s shadows and tested each other’s wits and level of commitment.

More than five years later, we have built two companies, NuMundo and Earth Journeys while supporting the development of several eco-communities including Emerald Village, PioPio, East End Eden and Laughing Oaks Village. We’ll be honest, this would not have been possible without a level of privilege but also without a level of sacrifice of comfort. Emerging from being financially deficient and burnt out, we have finally found a balance. Seeking centeredness in literally all aspects of life, the modern changemaker must be highly adaptable in the unique times that we are living in. 

Although we continue to live a low-income, high positive-impact lifestyle, we don't let that stop us from creating valuable educational experiences and content for changemakers. However, additional support from our community would help us immensely to continue offering free and affordable support. 

We thank you for supporting a global grassroots movement of changemakers who dedicate their lives to regenerating the earth and being in service to fellow human beings. Becoming a patron of ours, will be supporting the effectiveness and activation of hundreds of beyond-sustainable leaders.

What are we doing now?

  • Every month, we host free community gatherings in different parts of Southern California. Our meet-ups cultivate a supportive and empowered community of leaders and impact entrepreneurs who strive towards a beyond-sustainable world. We host these gatherings in eco-conscious locations to connect deeper, share your dreams, explore your gifts, develop your projects, laugh and play.
  • We have provide an active and growing Facebook Group where local changemakers can ask for support or offer it to one another. We also post local aligned job and housing opportunities.
  • We create free webinars and ebooks as additional supportive tools for changemakers.
  • We're supporting Laughing Oaks Village, a budding regenerative village to define a clear vision, decision making model and project management system and cultivating a deeper sense of community. 
  • Annually, we showcase leading sustainable living centers in Southern California on a 12 day journey: The Sustainable Living Tour. We get 300 applications a year to participate on this life-changing opportunity and we interview every single applicant. We offer scholarships to increase the diversity of our tour participants and offer new opportunities to local people of color with low-income. 
During the Sustainable Living Tour, 30 participants are selected and receive immersive education and real world experience in:

Healthy soil is the key to all of life! Learn how to increase the microbiology in our soil, secure a future of healthy food production and sequester carbon to reverse climate change.

In a world where our modern systems are slowly failing, it takes implementers of proven solutions to create new systems. Get feedback on a new vision or launch the project you’ve always wanted to in support of a healthy planet.

Practice building nourishing personal and group relationships with tools and frameworks in non-violent communication, emotional intelligence, decision making, and harvesting collective intelligence.

Through transformative activities, we will cultivate positive life habits, release our fears, open our hearts and gain more clarity into our path and purpose as changemakers.

Using natural systems as our guide, we will learn the basics of how to design our land, lives and communities using a framework based in ethics and hands on experience in building with earthen materials.

Inspired by Joanna Macy, through ritual and discussion, we explore the understanding of our interconnection as humans on this finite earth and open our awareness to how we grieve destruction. 
This journey provides numerous ongoing benefits to each participant, including the opportunity to:

  • Find clarity to what role you play in the world & use your intrinsic gifts for good.
  • Tend meaningful relationships for personal growth, collaboration and fulfillment.
  • Be inspired by real examples of soil, water and habitat restoration.
  • Gain hands-on experience in plant identification, harvesting, composting, farming, natural building, and preparing medicinal tinctures.
  • Create life-long friendships with fellow passionate changemakers.
  • Develop your ideas using collective intelligence activities, receive mentorship, and leave with a clear roadmap to achieve your goals.
  • Embody your interconnection with all living beings.
  • Participate in on-going support for 1-year after the tour.
Thank you so much for your support! We donate our time to building a real support network towards a beyond-sustainable future. Together, we can change the world! 
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Once we reach $600 per month we'll launch a "Use Your Gifts for Good" eCourse that's available for purchase and offered free to pre-existing Patreon patrons at any level. 
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