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is creating music, art & activism.
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wolf pups
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paws up - you're cosmic annnd you get to see the goodies before the rest of the internet 
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you know it- you make our wheels turn... 

literally you put gas in the van haha
you get to know us more than others... how we write, create AND we give you lessons, tips & tricks to get you howling.

welcome backstage - how can we serve you? xoxo

right hand wolf
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that's as many dollars as Wes is old! 

Yah know... we have our hands full of foster dogs, rescue horses & recording. This allows us to make EOE how all of mouths get fed!
Music & marketing lessons or Wes doodles monthly are yours to choose from! 

just tell us what bites of earth & ether we can serve to you! xoxo




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About Earth Om Ether

Siblings in a band!
Music our Passion - Planet our Purpose!

Creating to inspire change for the well being of Momma Gaia & all her creatures! 
$0 of $500 per month
Wes will launch her digital music lesson studio complete with a private FB group to ask questions & idea flow directly with mama wolf! 
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