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is creating Earth Poetry, Creative Expression, Grief-Tending, Edge Weaving

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In this time of ecological unraveling, I am called to the edges of rivers and the roots of trees, creating earth poetry to tend the ecology of our inner worlds. As an edge weaver, I create ritual spaces to practice "not knowing together," witnessing our grief for what has been broken, weaving our imaginations back into relationship with a Living Earth.

I offer my artistic practice in the spirit of the gift, aligning with the principles of regenerative economics. By supporting my work here, you are allowing me to continue practicing my art in this spirit of generosity.  


When I write, poetic mythologies bubble up from subterranean depths, emerging in half heard shapes of sound to pool on the paper before me. I am currently creating a collection of mythopoetic meditations and lyric essays, surreal narratives of origin and transformation. This offering will shared as a short book when it ripens into readiness. Learn more here.


Earth Grief: A Clown’s Ritual for Reconnection
, is the story of a clown on a mission to save a tree. A playful meditation on what it means to be human in a time of ecological unravelling, Earth Grief invites audiences to re-member their connection to the Earth as a living being, holding space for grief as a necessary response to the breaking apart of our belonging. The performance is intended for ecological activists and change-makers as a gentle introduction to grief-tending and emotional resilience practices. Currently in a revision and workshopping phase, Earth Grief will begin touring later in 2019. Learn more here.


My hand begins to draw, concentric circles ripple outwards, blossoming mandala-like in unfolding patterns . . . A form of inner map-making, the process of creating these designs becomes for me a fractal, iterative process, emergent patterns painted on upcycled clothing and meditative ink drawings...I offer these art pieces as gifts for my patrons. Learn more here.

A "witnessing process" drawing on my experience in creative practice, unschooling, grief tending, deep listening, and imagination to nurture your particular weaving of curiosities and support you in the living of your gifts. If you feel like you are disconnected from your deep purpose or struggling to name the thread that weaves through your curiosities, join me in an emergent listening session to bring imagination and witnessing to your journey. Learn more here.

I am currently apprenticing to the craft of grief tending. I studied with Azul Valerie Thome to learn to facilitate the Grief Composting Circle, a communal ritual that allows trapped emotions to be released into the earth, composting our grief in life-giving expressions of our love. I am continuing my apprenticeship through monthly practice with a small group of co-facilitators in Minnesota. As we grow in our ability to hold space, we will begin offering public grief rituals in our community. Learn more here.

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