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Along with our eternal gratitude, at the end of the campaign you will receive via post one of our traditional costume photos printed on glossy 13 x 15 cm paper (roughly 5.12 x 5.9 inches). You will be able to select your preferred photo in a questionaire that we will send to all contributors.
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You are the greatest! To thank you for your contribution, we will send you the first of our photography books, 20 x 20 cm (approx. 7.87 x 7.87 inches), 24 pages with full-page pictures that we will take following the campaign. The photo book will contain images already taken by us and future ones, with people in Eastern European traditional costumes. Every photo will be documented with geographic details.

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About Traditions Today

This is Oana, posing for us in her beautiful traditional costumes. Yes, she has several.


We are a team of passionate photographers and writers, and we LOVE to communicate stories within photos and written articles. Our project, TRADITIONS TODAY, will try to show you and keep alive the ethnic costumes in Romania and neighboring countries – Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova and Hungary.

What we will do

For this photographic project, we will search and photograph young people wearing traditional costumes from their area, and share their stories. The project will include travelling in Romania and neighboring countries, taking photos, recording interviews and sharing the emotions of preserving our ethnic identity. TRADITIONS TODAY will be transformed into a series of photography books, properly documented with the help of Ethnology professors at the University of Bucharest.

We need your help finding those people and printing their book! You can help in a number of ways, but the simplest way is to share our project with your friends. If you know someone that owns and is proud of his/her traditional costume, and wants to be photographed with it, please let us know. Of course, the biggest help you could give us would be to support this project by purchasing one of our photos printed on canvas, or pre-paying for the future photography books that we'll make.

Check out the rewards that we have for all contributors, and make sure to come back from time to time, as we’ll continue to add information even after the campaign ends.

We found Georgiana in a fun and modern tea-house / library in Bucharest.

The reasons

Ethnic identity is fading

Today's youth wears blue jeans and t-shirts, merging and melting cultures together. But we also need to belong somewhere, to show other people that we are proud of our ancestors. We glow with joy when we go back in time, finding in our grandparents’ wardrobe old clothing items.
For Romanian women, the blouse, or “ia”, is gaining popularity again, and guys started wearing the masculine version too.

Ethnic identity is less present today, but still there are people that cherish local traditions, and we can all help keeping our identity important in our everyday life.

Is the ethnic identity fading? We are challenging this fact, and trying to bring back into our everyday life the forgotten culture.

For our grand-children. For us. For the joy of being part of a community

Let’s help our children and grand-children remember their origins. Let them share the same joy that you have when you stumble into your grandparents' ceremonial clothes (probably tucked away in the attic). It's time to bring them back, and try them. You'll see they are quite fun to wear.

So, why forget the old traditional costumes?

Traditional costumes are the past. Or NOT?

Let’s do an exercise (a fun kind of excercise, don't worry).

Think about your favorite color. Is it red? Is it yellow? Or maybe just black or white? Now, try to think about some symbols – thumbs up, zebra crossing, flowers. You use them in your everyday life, isn’t it? Some of them have a specific meaning for you, and you keep them into your heart. Now think about a place, try something with meaning, a place that you visited recently. What did you like over there? Was it the people? Was it the food? Was it the way people treated you or just that you had a feeling that there was an aura and a vibe of that place?

Colors, symbols and historical events, all of these are painted into the ethnic costumes, and onto those people that wear them. Maybe they wear them occasionally or maybe every day, but when you look close enough, you see a story unfolding. 

With Traditions Today, we will help you enjoy more of those stories, and bring those somehow faded traditions back into your life, into the lives of those who'll live after us. Like that friend of yours' story, the one with a beautiful smile and those joyful eyes, that wears that colorful “ia” almost every week. Like Oana and Georgiana above.

These is how our already available prints would look like on your wall.

What will we do?

Find interesting people and traditions in the Eastern Europe and photograph them in their home town.
Publish printed materials: photo books, calendars, framed canvas prints.

Showcase them and their stories on our blog,

We will go all over Romania, finding those people that are still keeping the local traditions in their home and hometown. We will photograph them wearing their local costumes, and we will write about their stories. We’ll also expand our search in the neighboring countries, for as long as we have your support.
We will help you meet them on our blog, in a book, and an exposition. We can even send to you framed prints for your wall – if you want to admire them frequently.

We will help preserving our culture, among young people. We will fully support the project and try to reach as much as we can the younger generation. Don’t you want them to have the desire to visit and support some villages where you and your friends used to meet in your childhood?

Other Ways You Can Help

Tell your friends about this project. If you know someone proud of their traditions and costumes, tell them we want to meet. If you are or know a traditional artist, tell us about his/her work.
$0 of $500 per Photo shoot
As stated in the description, we would be extremely grateful if you could help us raise the fees for the other professionals involved in my next photo shooting: model, make-up artist, hair-stylist, wardrobe provider, location and transport.
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