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About Easy Brazilian Portuguese


We're an international team of YouTube and Brazil fans working on Portuguese videos for foreigners since 2016. At the moment we are about ten people, most of us living in Brazil and some of us living in countries such as Serbia, Greece and Vietnam. 


It is important to mention that we are doing this for you, lovely people from all over the world. We're bringing you the Brazilian Portuguese language, the way it is spoken. You will learn from people's different regional accents and also find motivation by learning about our rich Brazilian culture. 

With the help of Patreon we hope that you will become even more part of us. No matter how much you can contribute, it will help us to move, to be able to pay for materials, translations and the production itself. In return we will offer you more for your membership, starting with exercises and a personalized What's App group. 


We're always open to new ideas, suggestions and collaborations. Please, contact us through Easy Languages or straight to Kika's mail [email protected]


With your Patreon pledge you are choosing to support us on a monthly basis. This means we will charge you every month. The pledges from one whole month are always transferred at the beginning of the following month, so if you pledge $10 a month in February, for example, then $10 will be transferred from your account at the beginning of March.


Files for our new Monday videos (transcripts and vocabulary exercises) are usually posted on our Patreon feed on Tuesday or Wednesday (in a few cases they come later). In our posts here on Patreon you will find links to the different perks you subscribed to. Usually you will also receive an email notification from Patreon once the new content is published.

The What's App group is an option for you to interact with us on an informal base and one of us will host it twice a week on a previously announced time. 


Yes, if you no longer have the money or desire to support Easy Brazilian Portuguese, you can cancel your subscription on Patreon at any time. For the time you become part of our interactive community, we surely hope that you can take out most of it and proceed happily with your studies and make new friends around the world. Beijos!

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Dear Patrons,

You can start being our patron already for the wonderful price of 1 US$. For 1 Dollar a week you will receive

- the transcript and translation of our current video and a vocabulary list with interesting explanations on new expressions. 

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For 5 Dollar a week you will receive 

- access to our oriented What's App group to practice your writing skills (we do not offer yet voice messaging to interact within the group, unless it is part of an exercise). Teacher orientation occurs on set times, but you can always interact one with another. 

And as in the exercise package:

- a vocabulary list regarding the current video, 

- a transcript and translation of the current episode and 

- an exercise sheet to practice the content of that current video.  

Quiz with Writing Skills
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 For 10 Dollar a week you will receive 

- an online questionnaire regarding the current video, where your answers will be commented. This way you can improve your expression and writing skills.    

And as in the interaction package:

- access to our oriented What's App group to practice your writing skills based on the episode of that week and to take out your doubts

And as in the exercise package:

- a vocabulary list regarding the current videos, 

- a transcript and translation of the current episode

SUPER Patreon
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 You just love what we are doing and would like to support our production and want nothing in exchange for that but our continuous happiness in our productions? Go for it! 

This is your chance to become our SUPER Patreon! With 25 Dollars per production you would help us immensely for our volunteers to get something back for all their efforts. 

Thank you! Obrigado! 

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