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About Eat Cheap Perth

Before there was a name for Social Media Influencers, there was #eatcheapperth.
A guerrilla marketing concept that not only supported Tourism, Businesses and Employment Growth but also changed the dinning landscape not only in our State of Western Australia and around our nation of Australia (potentially London too) as Marketing Agencies adopted our formatting in order to replicate our physical sales results.
There is still only one #eatcheapperth!
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Our primary goal at this point is update our tech which was new when we started but has become increasingly inefficient for our use due to Operating System updates that have slowed our ability generate results.
Next will be the pursuit of a developmental grant that we can continue to operate independently as our attempts at commercialization require prejudice and a corruption of process to our GastroChallenge where ANYBODY can enter and ANYONE can benefit from our sales results and business generation.
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