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Pledging $3 will allow you to view all the tabs/chords for my ukulele videos in a clean PDF format. Perfect if you are a teacher and would like to teach your students something new. You will also get the backing tracks and the the full audio recording so you can play along. Pledging here gives you access to my EatMyUke Premium website, this is where i archive all the tabs and backing tracks. 



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About Eat My Uke

Hi ☺︎

My name is Stan and I play the ukulele under the name EatMyUke. Iv been exploring the world of this tiny instrument for 6 years now and I started sharing my findings 3 years ago on Youtube.

My love for music has been a long standing affair that started at a very young age. I loved nothing more than immersing myself into an album. This was before the internet; when hearing new music would actually involve movement! I would head down to my music store and buy albums every week. Usually older ones in the 3 for £10 sections. Lots of these albums still get played regularly in my house.

I wanted to pay tribute to the whole collection so I asked myself... 'Can I compile a rounded list of some of my favourite and best-selling albums of all time? Including some of the most critically acclaimed albums in music history? Then arrange them all on the ukulele? and share them with the internet? The answer was YES! I made a ukulele video every week for 50 weeks straight....My top 50 albums.

During this project, I realised there are actually hundreds of albums that I love and narrowing them down to a top 50 was indeed a difficult task. My only option was to go again...season 2 so to speak....the next 50. 

Why are you telling me all this you might be thinking? 

I'm telling you this because I want you to join me on the journey. The workload before the videos make it onto youtube is heavy and sometimes quite demanding. From album research/arranging the songs/making the backing tracks/learning the uke parts/setting up to film/recording/editing and then uploading. As much as I love to do it - I am sure you could imagine its pretty difficult to maintain when working a full-time job and dealing with all the other complexities of life. Enough of the sob story because there's actually a way you can support me. By doing so youll be entitled to some pretty cool rewards like:

◉ Easy to print tabs in PDF format
◉ First in the queue for collaborations
◉ Backing tracks for all albums
◉ l answer your ukulele questions 

Not only would you be supporting me and my creative endeavours, you'll be getting some of cool stuff!

Thank you ☺︎

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I would love to upgrade to a wide angle lens so i can fit more ukulele into my shots.
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