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About Erin Accomando

Hi there! Welcome to the ACCOSQUAD 🖤

What are some things you need to know about me? First of all, I'm a musician, through and through. I've never seen myself doing anything - I repeat, anything - else with my life. With that said, I've been a professional performer in the wedding/corporate music industry for almost a decade, and I'm just now entering my 30s. I'm tired of the grind, to be honest with you. It's bad for my health and ultimately, my voice. My body is aging exponentially, as I have an auto-immune disease called endometriosis. But because there isn't much research or visibility for the disease, there isn't a cure (only symptom and pain management), and I cannot receive disability from our ever-loving and oh-so-helpful United States government.

So. What are the things I can do?
Let me tell you:
  • sing my ass off
  • social media my ass off
  • vocal coach my ass off
  • makeup my ass off
  • web design my ass off
  • song-write my ass off
  • raise awareness my ass off
  • and probably many other things... my ass off...

I tell you all this because 2019 is going to be a hugely transitional year for me and I will need your help. I've been a FULL-TIME musician for over 9 years. This means working literally 4-5 nights of the week, be it weddings, private parties, clubs, karaoke, holiday parties, country clubs, rehearsals, etc., singing/dancing/performing for up to 4 hours every one of those nights. For 5 of those 9 years, I had a day job as well. In 2016, my body couldn't handle it anymore. I had to give up the day job and rely solely on my gigs for income.

Since then, I have been building up my side jobs but it's never been enough to keep me from living paycheck-to-paycheck. And now, in 2019, I've gone to part-time with performing. I'm not going to lie to you. I'm TERRIFIED. Again, I'm doing this because my body is tired, and if I want to continue doing this for the rest of my life, I've gotta settle down a bit. But the biggest, most important part of this, is something I haven't even mentioned yet...

You see that profile photo with all those amazing people smiling at the camera? That's my band, ELSIE BINX. They are my family; my best friends. Not only am I going part-time for my own health, but so my own band has a fighting shot at getting on the road and actually making an impact on the world with our music.

If you know anything about the [original] music industry, you know that the chances of ever making a decent income touring and selling music are very slim. But this group of people is willing to give up everything to make that happen with me.

We have SO MANY ideas and dreams. Hell, we've already come so far. We released our first album in late 2015, our second in mid 2017, and our third in August 2019. We have family support to get us from A to B, but nothing further. We've taken a few trips around the country in the last two years but the cost is astronomically high per individual and we simply cannot afford to do it much longer. We need you, our super fans, to step up and support me, the band, the music.

So to get back to where I fit into this:

That list of stuff I can do above is what I intend on doing in 2019 and beyond because I can do most of those things in my home, on the road, and at the studio my band calls home-base. I will be paying my own bills (or at least attempting to). Your support goes toward being able to get the extra stuff that no one even realizes costs money...
  • merchandise for my booth (not just online products)
  • publishing music digitally and physically
  • mastering music before publishing
  • gas money for travel (trailers are very heavy...)
  • equipment upgrades/repairs (our rig is at around $15000 right now)
  • etc........

My manager and I have been almost solely funding everything up until this point, and with my semi-retirement from the corporate/wedding industry on the horizon (actual full-time retirement to happen in 2020), we will need more support than ever. If you want new music, gigs in your area, awesome merchandise, music videos and more, than this is that platform that allows you to support exactly as much as you can to help do so.

Please take a look at the amazing tiers I have to offer. I promise you won't be disappointed. And hell, if there are things I can do better on here, please tell me! I'm still pretty new to this, and maybe you are, too! I want to offer the most exclusively cool stuff to my patrons as possible.

And thank you for taking the time to read my story 🖤

Much love, Erin

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