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is creating Mixed Media 2D & 3D Artwork
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About Elizabeth Carr

My adventure into the art industry started in second grade. This was when I first learned there was a difference in pencils. I never would have known then, that 22 years later my career would focus around this wonderful creative world.  

I graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Art from Radford University in 2014. Since then I have worked in two small business art supply stores and through one of them learned how to do professional Archival Custom Framing. During this time I also held gallery exhibitions and attended multiple festivals to sell my works locally. 

Within the following 5 years after school, I continued to create artwork; finding my style, and my niche so to speak. Currently, I am classified as a mixed media artist. Typically my works use ink, acrylic, watercolor, paper, wood, and bone.  

Most of my inspiration is drawn from tattoo culture, nature, and numerous cultural mythologies. Whilst giving respect to the cultures passed down through generations both by vocal accounts and written words, I also focus on trying to bring back respect to things we typically put to the wayside.  For example, the bones I work with are typically cleaned skulls; using them as my canvas I hope to turn their remains into something we respect and cherish; thanking them for the sustenance they have given us whether it be food, clothes, or even work from along side us.
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