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About Esteban Cherres Bahamonde

My name is Esteban Cherres, I`m a photographer from Cuenca, in Ecuador. I`m 35 years old at the moment and I have been in love with photography for the past 14 years.
I started this patreon, to fund my love for photography. And share the beauties of Ecuador. There are a lot of hardships regarding gear and traveling issues.
There are no equipment rentals in the country so everything I have I need to buy. So being a good photographer is a bit of a tough one.
I want to finish my book by 2017. about the people in my country and the street vendors, mostly food sellers in the streets in festivals.
Help me make my dream come true!
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What does $50 a month will help me with? to pay for the writter of my book. I am a terrible writter but i want my book to have a different perspective regarding what the photos make you feel
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