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This tier is all about early access to materials as soon as they are complete and the ability to discuss them with the community. 

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About eclipse

Hey! and welcome to my Patreon page.

so I've started writing things just for fun and figured that I'd put them out there for others to (hopefully) enjoy

most of it will be based on Universe lore from "The Game" (not the 80's film with Michael Douglas... just sayin...) which is a product of a collaborative community that I started with a friend in 2012...
if you want to check it out


i will be posting mostly short stories here with the occasional piece of music, artwork or script and even a Novella or two if I really get inspired... also some background posts and commentary might get thrown into the mix... yeah... soo a reall pot-pourri then...

what will your pledge do?
your support allows me to create... and still pay the bills (phew)... so that would be super cool if it happens... finished content will be posted here (and elsewhere) for all to see anyway so if you don't feel like being a Patron or you are tapped out already that is cool too...

so what do I get as a Patron then?
warm and cuddly feelings? A Massive THANK YOU!!!

seriously though,Patrons will get things like early access and deeper explanations and background you can check out the tiers explanations for more details...

so I suppose the bottom line is if that all sounds appealing or if you simply wan't to help a brother out then...

A Massive THANK YOU!!! to YOU is in order... enjoy your warm and cuddly feelings
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Reaching this goal allows me to handle all the incidental costs that come up from time to time instead of having to scramble for extra money... so it makes things smoother
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