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About Eclipse Press

Hello everyone,

My name is Dean Kish.

I am a new comic creator and developer of ECLIPSE PRESS. I have loved comics since I was the age of 8. I started with Herge's Tintin and then into more mainstream like Marvel, DC and Image.

I am currently in the world of creating my own graphic novel. I have teamed up with a very talented Filipino artist, Francoise Valmoria to bring to life the world of TAINTED.

The centerpiece of the world is a teen girl by the name of Creek Wilden. She is a depressed teen  who loses the love of her life in a horrific bus crash. Creek's parents take her to see doctor after doctor after doctor. But nothing seems to be helping their child. She has no energy, just wants to sleep and finds no joy in life.

It all changes when she has been prescribed an experimental anti-depressant. She starts to find joy in life and especially in music. But there is also a horrifying side effect, she can see a secret society hiding among us by these vicious red glowing scars they have on their bodies. Who are these people? How are they connected to Creek and why can she see them?

The main purpose for creating this new comic series was to bring awareness to depression and help young people also understand it. The book will show Creek's fall but also how she picks herself back up and keeps fighting. She'll learn new skills both mentally and physically from her support system Prof. Octavius Farici and Jericho Rust. She will also be tested with all the strength she can muster to fight her inner demons and these now new ones the world never knew existed.

We will be launching a brand-new KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN on Oct 31 that will feature our first teaser page of the whole five-issue series. This series if successful will be launch into four sequels then combined into a 100-page book for bookstores.

If TAINTED is a success like we are hoping for ECLIPSE PRESS will be looking to launch other titles. So as a Patreon you would not only be helping us develop this incredible series but you would be an intricate part of the company beyond TAINTED. Depending on donation, you would be voting on series pitches, character names, Tainted Spin-Offs, and you might even get a chance to pitch your own book we would help develop.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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