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About Wise Nomad

Welcome to The Ecological Criminal Report.

Essays focus on analysis of drivers of environmental crimes and secondary effects of ecological degradation on human communities and criminal effects. Also analyzing links to ecology, terrorism, philosophy, religion and spirituality, counter-insurgency, lawfare, societal collapse, and probably a thousand other things. Who knows, maybe a podcast to follow?

If you're interested in who I am, I've been an educator for over ten years, while working for ecological nonprofits and as an activist and writer (believe it or not, those don't pay so well). As I've worked in these different spaces, I've come to realize our collective response to ecological crises simply do not match the scale and depth of the root causes that drive them and as such, I feel compelled to reevaluate my work in light of those realities. In terms of past and future education, I have a B.A. in world literature and cultural studies, an M.A. in consciousness and transformation, and am currently a Ph.D. candidate focusing on green criminology (along with the many subjects spoken about above) while at the same time pursuing a Juris Doctor degree (J.D.). Nothing has taught me so much as being on the land itself, listening to the wild speak for itself. 

Please feel free to support this endeavor if it speaks to you or if you see other ways to contribute, do connect!

Below are a few comments on my work from leading theorists and activists in the field:

"I am struck by the unqualified zeal for inquiry, evident gifts as a scholar, and creativity of mind….a capable and always creative, conscientious and concerned thinker motivated by a deeply moral, indeed radical vision of transformed social and ecological relationships, animated by genuine passion and lively creativity."

"One of the thought leaders of a new generation of scholars whose use of ideas touches upon areas of originality that feel like the future speaking.”

“Brilliant. I am beyond impressed.” 

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