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About Alexa Baczak

Edelweiss is a story about loyalty and identity. It takes place in a universe where magic exists and technology is seen as corrupt.

Fifty two years ago, an alchemist named Arderr developed a new electric element, Chrodon. The element enabled rapid technology production that had never been seen before in the world. And as we all know, what isn't understood is often feared. The king of Eskor immediately called for the execution of any inventor found to be developing with Chrodon.

The hunt raged until Arderr used his magic to create a cavern underground where a series of architects and inventors were able to create the underground city of Pompartha. The rebel city. The king searched for the city but could never find it. He eventually passed away and left the crown to his son, Prince Vinsent, who kept his father's ways and the cycle began again.

The people of Pompartha have forgotten what the real sun is like under their computer generated sky programmed by Wolf, an orphan from Eskor who was taken in fifteen years ago. A girl who tried to bring the sky and the ground into one and created the Database, a system that brought the underground city together in one smooth line, with her mentor, Kingfisher.

But the city was never built to last.

And one day the Database dies and the underground sky disappears. This is Wolf's story. A story of betrayal, conspiracy, princesses and pirates--it is a story of voice, her voice.


I have been working on the world of Edelweiss since high school, so basically for 6 years. It is the one story that has stayed with me and I have always known that it needed to be told. It was originally in a novel format, but after deep consideration, I decided podcasting the story would give it the best chance to shimmer like it deserved.

We have an incredible team ready to go. Tiffany Witcher ( is our voice for Wolf. Other talents include Angelina Amber, Bern Aniceto, and Michelle Renee. We do plan to cast male roles in the future, so if you are interested, keep an eye out. 

I am incredibly excited to bring Edelweiss into light. I want to give it the best chance I can possibly give it.  What I really want is to have an audience that is as excited about Edelweiss as I am. Please consider donating or sharing Edelweiss, and I hope to see you in the audience. We will not get anywhere without you.

One last thing: In Pompartha, the rebels choose animal and plant names (like Wolf for example). This is because, being underground, they have a degree of separation from nature, but at the same time, they are totally surrounded by it. To acknowledge this and respect their own sort of societal ecosystem, the leader and founder of Pompartha, Hawk, decided that animal and plant names would be a requirement for all rebels. 
If you are one of our $30+ patrons, you get exclusive information about Pompartha PLUS a citizen card with your chosen rebel name. You will also get a shoutout with your rebel name (and your real name if you so choose) at the end of one of our episodes. I may add small cameos within the episodes for some citizens, but I cannot make any promises and I need to see where that would fit in without disrupting the story.
As a beginning special, the first ten $5 citizens will get a discounted Pomparthian Citizenship.

Thank you. 

Alexa Baczak

Edelweiss © 2017 Alexa Baczak
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