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About edenhype

Hello and welcome

I'm Naz and I enjoy making 3D art and programming! Even more than that, I enjoy game development! I want to get serious about my passion, so I've made a Patreon for my game, Eden Adventure.

What are you making?

I'm mainly working on Eden Adventure, a cute dungeon-crawling rpg with dating sim elements. I'll also be making art and minigames relating to Eden Adventure. As my patron, you can suggest art and minigames you want to see made!

I upload new vids at least once a week (or 4 times a month), and a cute minigame once a montht. As a Patron, you can get one game every month! If you're a developer, you can have the source codes too!

note: You're free to use all rewards as you see fit - just please don't resell them

Why do you need support?

Patreon is the fairest way for both content creators and their audience to support each other. The money goes towards food and rent, allowing me to focus on game development. The goal is to go full time and become a content creator.

What is the Monthly Commission?

At $25 a month, you can commission a small model such as a sword, an item of clothing, or any reasonable prop and have it added to the game! At $75 or more, you can commission a full set of gear, a boss, or a level you'd like to see ingame!

Thank you for your support! 
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This is a milestone and it shows I'm really doing something right!
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