C. Michael Broyles

is creating "Edgar the Alien" — a real life comic book!
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About C. Michael Broyles

Here's the short of it, y'all:
Michael is taking his pet project "Edgar the Alien"
and is beginning a fully fledged comic book project with it —
but he needs your help! 

We have a whole book ready to share with the world! While we're releasing pages for it twice a week, here is your chance to get a print copy of the book and each new one mailed to you, plus a PDF copy of every comic as soon as it's done!!! Not to mention a bunch of other goodies on Patreon! I don't even know what PDF stands for, but whatever they are, they're gonna help determine my fate on the internet! Check out our rewards to see what cool things await you!

And here's the long of it, too, real quick:

"The Adventures of Edgar the Alien" is an all-ages sci-fi fantasy joint that C. Michael Broyles started doing for fun back in middle school; it started as a loose set of web animations inspired by early aughts Flash cartoons like Homestar Runner, etc. Michael also made a handful of other, more successful web toons like "GG Well Played!!" and an animated version of a clip from the podcast "Chapo Trap House", but after ten years of tinkering with this IP, he still feels most attached to the concept behind Edgar. 
There's a big idea behind this comic that promises to span over more than just a few books, with Edgar making a lot of friends and solving a lot of weird problems over time. One of these days, sooner rather than later, we could have enough material to pitch something more large scale to a publisher or studio, but with media like Patreon et al. I can focus more on accomplishing my main priority with this work: telling this story to you!

I hope this quick intro was helpful, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all at the same address of @edgarthealien so even if you don't wanna pay anything you can still read new pages as they get released, plus opportunities to win PDFs of the comics!
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