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About The Edgy Veg

Hi friend!

I'm Candice and I run The Edgy Veg YouTube channel and vegan recipe & lifestyle blog Every week, I create 2 videos on my YouTube channel and 2-5 blog posts on my blog. My posts are vegan recipes and lifestyle content that I write, test, style, shoot and edit myself and with additional help from my small team <3

Starting this journey of creating free content has been a tough and expensive battle, and I have often thought about quitting, but all your stories of how I've inspired you and have helped you on your journey keeps me going! I use my platform and voice to help people transition to being a vegan or adapting to a more plant-based lifestyle.

In order to keep running this channel & producing high-quality content, I really require the support of my community, and that means you! With your monthly support, I can continue to focus completely on creating fun, delicious and inspiring content for you to enjoy, totally for free.

If you can't afford to support me monthly, you can also support me by buying my cookbook (

Candice left her agency job in October of 2015 to focus on the Edgy Veg full time. That means more thought out, better quality content that's free for everyone to enjoy. Your support allows us to continue and to make even better content for us all. 

We know that it's hard to just support something because you love the content, so we decided we could bring even more value to you by being one of our Patrons!

At each Patron tier, we give you exclusive access to The Edgy Veg that you can't get anywhere else!!!!

By subscribing here on Patreon you can get exclusive content and access to the Edgy Veg that includes:
* VIP Exclusive early access to new videos each and every week
* Dedicated Q+A sessions to Patreon-members only
* Handwritten snail mail from us at The Edgy Veg
* Your choice of new recipes we make for you on the channel
* Exclusive consultations to help you cook your meals
* Special Giveaways
(Some lucky winners will even have us fly out to make food for them in their hometown!)

Don't forget- your support will all go to cover the following monthly overhead expenses related to the YouTube channel, website/blog, social media and equipment.

  • Recipe testing and creation supplies like groceries, utensils, props, appliances, books and all the other stuff required to make great food!
  • Home office costs and services like internet connection, website hosting, MCN costs, schedulers, newsletter provider, video music, and supplies for recipe creation and shooting.
  • Cost for my team who help me shoot videos, edit videos, constant upgrading of the website/blog, business advice, social media and promotional design.
  • Equipment costs such as: lighting, camera equipment and cleaning, props, computer upgrades to keep up with the video technology and our high quality of production.

So, whether you support me with $1 a month, or one of the higher subscription tiers, just know that you are the vegan fuel that keeps the Edgy Veg running.

So, click the SUBSCRIBE button and Become an Edgy Veg! Get access to exclusive content and help me keep making you awesome vegan content every week!

Thanks so much for all your support!

Much love, 

Candice & Edgy Veg Team
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Editing 3 videos/week is a lot of work! I often have to hire help to get it done in time.
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