Joshua Lowe

is creating EduBlocks, the drag and drop coding tool for Python.
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About Joshua Lowe

Hey there! My name is Josh and I am the creator of EduBlocks, the drag and drop coding tool to make the transition from Scratch to Python easier. I need your help, EduBlocks has gone far beyond my expectations and I am so happy to see it where it is today. EduBlocks is free to download and will always stay that way, but it's not free to create, so this is where patreon comes in. What is EduBlocks I hear you say, let me explain.

I first started working on EduBlocks back when I was 12 years old, I saw there was a need for a program that would help primary school teachers bring different text-based programming languages into the classroom. It is important that younger children should have the opportunity to learn to code just as they learn to read and write.

The goal of the project is to make the transition from Scratch to Python, both coding programmes, easier for students and teachers. I saw there was nothing bridging the gap. EduBlocks lets younger children code using Python, but lets them do it using an interface which is similar to Scratch. Alongside the software comes free resources which take up a lot of my spare time after school and in holidays.

The project now runs on 2 major platforms, the Raspberry Pi and the BBC micro:bit which are being used across the world and I have plans to extend EduBlocks to a new version for Adafruit's CircuitPython Platform.

I run workshops around the world teaching Python using EduBlocks. Attendess vary from young people who are eager to program in Python and who have never even touched a Raspberry Pi or done any coding before to experts who want to learn how they can use EduBlocks to help other people. People leave workshops having created cool stuff with LEDs, buzzers and Minecraft using EduBlocks & Python. It helps to teach physical computing with the Raspberry Pi and how cheap electronics can be brought into a new life with the power of Python code.

I need your help, EduBlocks is now being used in over 72 countries around the world and my aim is to get it into as many schools as possible. I want to further develop the project to make EduBlocks something that can help everyone to learn how to code. Any help or amount you can give is greatly appreciated and I look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you.

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