Edyka Chilomé

is creating Fiction, Poetry, Performance, & Memoir

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Hello! My name is Edyka Chilomé I am a queer xicareña (Xicana/Salvadoreña) literary artist. My parents, grandparents, and ancestors were indigenous/mestizo migrant earth workers, war survivors, and spirt-full creatives - campesinos, braceros, albaniles. Gente humilde que vivia de la tierra. I have every reason to believe, in the words of my big sister Liza Garza, "my ancestors prayed for a poet". My Parents prayed for a fierce mind and a conscious heart rooted in her people, and so I am an artist, a writer, an activist, a person who is painfully in love with the process of becoming....

My writing and creative endeavors pull from modern and pre-columbian American language and culture and strives to explore the debts and complexity of “herstory” through personal and global politics, spirituality, and the origins of poetry itself. As my ancestors before me, I am a story teller, a spirit-full creative. I believe deeply in the power and responsibility of story as a tool for decolonizing and healing our lives and our communities and ultimately transforming our world.

In 2014 I published my first book entitled She Speaks | Poetry a collection of poems that explores the intersectional reality of queer mestizaje in the diaspora praised by Democracy Now en Español as "...a must read for those yearning to discover new ways to open up to deep personal and global transformation." I was floored and humbled by the support, love, and affirmations this project was met with and through which I raised more than $6000 in a month to self publish!

Since 2014 I have continued to perform, write, and publish essays, poems, and an indigenous sci fi play titled "Where Earth Meets The Sky", that will makes it's world premier next season with Cara Mia Theatre Company in Dallas Texas. I have also been blessed to be featured on many media platforms and spaces all over the country including Tedx, The Huffington Post, GLAAD, The Tucson Poetry Festival, The Dallas Museum of Art, The Black Academy of Arts and Letters, The Texas Democratic Convention, as well as countless higher education institutions including Duke University and Boston University School of Theology . In addition this year I had the honor of being named one of the top 25 most influential artists in the DFW by Artist Uprising Magazine. I am humbled and excited about the momentum of my work and my following. With your help I hope to embark on my next big projects this summer! 

There are two books waiting to be born! One is an interactive manuscript tentatively titled "The Geography of Spirit". This book is intended to manifest a spiritual cartography that explores the collective testimonies of spiritual workers and the concepts of positionally, home, and spirit. This book will include some of my existing essays and poems, as well as creative ethnographic testimonies of influential spiritual workers in my communities. 

The second book, is a novel tentatively entitled “The Alchemy of Survival”, a pre-Columbian queer ancestral love story between and African sailor from Mali and a two spirit indigenous scribe in the America’s. In the novel, this love story is revealed to the main character through “visions” gifted by emerging earth technologies in a colonized post apocalyptic future. These revelations are explored through the exchange of letters as the main character struggles to find exiled healers that might make sense of these intentional visionary “blood memories” amidst the tide of a great planetary revolution.

It has been made very clear to me that these projects are being asked to be born together. With your help, I am exited to learn and share why! 

Here's where you come in! Like many other working artist, my ability to continue doing this work on a day to day is so very dependent on the time and space I am able to hold to create this work. I made this page for those who are willing and able to support my breathe as I continue to make room for the labor of recollecting, reimagining, and resisting the dominant narratives that currently pose so much danger in our world. I come to Patreon to invite you to walk with me in this journey and support me as an indigenous mestiza literary artist and cultural worker intent on reconceptualizing possibilities for the transformation of our culture through the powerful tradition of poetry and story.

I know that resources are valuable and often times limited so if it is in your heart I invite you to assist however you can even if it is not through monetary donation. However if you find yourself in a place where you are able to send a few dollars a month my way, I invite you to check out the perks of being a patron that include personalized chapbooks, special sneak peeks at drafts and writings, contributor mentions in upcoming publications, typewriter correspondence, special live stream, and the ability to make suggestions or ask questions about my work.

As a patron you will play a vital role in this journey! You will be supporting my day to day needs that make it possible for me to continue growing, learning, and creating. I would be honored to have you be apart of this blooming and thank you for your interest in my work! Tlazokamati.

Edyka Chilomé

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