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A very cute tier with smol offer! You can send me your desired picture(artist, celebrity, friends or a picture of yourself!) and i will turn them into a digital sketches. The good thing is the price for head shot, half body, full body is just the same! However, if you want digital art commission for more than one character is a single creation, feel free to email me for pricing chart! Actually max character is only up to 10 character so it cost 3$ only!
per creation
a tier with a little bit of sprinkles! it is a tier that offer colored illustration, as a sign of appreciation i will add shape layout behind your illustration. you can choose the shape that you want (triangle, circle or cylinder and etc) you can also choose if u dont want that layout, though.
Limited (15 remaining)
per creation
This is a special tier for custom illustration (single character)

what will you get?

-request any additional sketches for your illustration (moon, star, galaxy,etc)

-request aesthetic wording

-headshot/halfbody/fullbody (just choose!)

-cute layout

- request any makeup looks for your illustration (cute, modest, baddie, star freckles or etc)

ps: please send a reference so i could draw better 




A little sweet of sugar about me.

''They call me a dreamer, but i am the one who don't sleep''
  • Hi sweeties! I am here to draw for you with such a great deals! Well truthfully, as a 15 years old and 4'10 girl, no one would like to hire me because i am quite small. I can't gain money by begging or sitting around. I would like to be a daughter which my parents could be proud of. I believe by drawing i could enjoy the best of both worlds. I can enjoy my work and gain money so i could lift a little bit of my parents burden. You can send me your desired picture and choose how you want your illustrations to be according to the tiers. However, if the tiers doesn't offer what you want just email me at [email protected] you can also send any inquiries there! take a note. i dont accept nsfw!
my wishes :

   I create this page with full of wishes of being loved by many of you! My first goal is to get 7$ as a daily income. Be my patrons and help me to fulfill my wish. I truly value each and one of you so lets walk on this flowery path together. Be my Earthians so i dont have to be a dreamer forever.
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i would like this seven dollars became my daily earnings! this one of my biggest goals that i ever set in my life. with this seven dollar, i could make my dream come true!
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