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About EF Artwork

My name is Emanuel Farrugia. I am a traditional, self taught artist in the areas of pencil art and 3D Design but I do enjoy other areas of art as well. I was born in January 1987 and I live in Malta, Europe.

At a very young age, I was introduced to the beauty of art by an uncle of mine who actually taught me the very first techniques of how to draw the simplest things at that time. My skill level evolved from drawing simple cartoonish characters to what I’m mostly passionate about today… Pencil Art.

My academic background had nothing to do with art. In fact, none of it involved the simplest idea of art. Unfortunately it was during this time that my focus was fully deviated on other things due to studying commitments. After years of being away from pencil sketching I came across videos on the internet which inspired me and brought back a feeling of desire to simply sit down and draw. Since then the need to draw comes naturally and I now consider pencil art as part of my own identity.

During the most recent years, I discovered that the internet provides opportunities for various individuals with a passion for art to share their work with other artists. In fact it’s the positive feedback I got from various followers which motivated me to launch my own Patreon page.

My future plan with regards to art is to keep building on my own portfolio and to obviously keep improving my artistic skills. Nowadays, art has become quite vast and I’m personally interested to get involved in other areas other than pencil art as well.

I hope you guys get to enjoy my art uploads from time to time. I’ll make my best to keep them as regular and interesting as much as I can!
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