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I will record for you a cover of literally any song you want! pretty much.
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I will compile all the covers I do for the next six months (plus the ones I originally did for this page) onto a CD playable in any typical CD-ROM player with a cover illustrated by me and I will SHIP IT TO YOU! give me your address if you want this option. Gotta know where to send it, y'know?




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Hello everyone! its me Eddie Harrison.
I am currently 3000 dollars in debt and my dead-end minimum-wage job barely gives me enough to pay rent every month so I have decided to attempt the impossible and make money doing something I love! That thing is music. Do you have a song that you've always wondered how it would sound if it was recorded by a sad person with two guitars and a free recording program? Good. Because that is exactly what I offer.
Here are a couple of my previous works! If you think they are any good perhaps you would consider donating to me. If you know of a song you'd like me to do a cover I will absolutely do that song for FIVE DOLLARS. I currently have FIVE SPOTS OPEN:


Once these spots are filled I'm not taking any more requests until I finish at least one of them (this is in order to prevent the panic attacks that eventually caused me to shut down this page in the first place).

Can I do a one-time donation just to get my song or does it have to be monthly?
It can be a one-time donation! What you need to do is donate five bucks, set your donation limit to five bucks and then cancel your donation. It will still take the five bucks for that month once I release your song and then stop donating for all successive months. If all this seems like too much trouble, you can also simply send me 5 dollars via my paypal (it's...got my ex's name on there. dont worry about it.)

How do I contact you?
Once you decide how much you want to donate, a little "contact Eddie" button will appear under my photo on the side. Click that and let me know which song you'd like. You can also email me at turnipspirit at gmail dot com—just make sure you let me know who you are so I can link up your song and your donation!

$11 of $500 per cover
at this rate my debt will be paid off in only six months! that would truly be wild.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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