Nina-Kristine Johnson

is creating Va Ehenív Language Video Demonstrations
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Ésha/Akodorf (Friend)
per Ehenív in Action
Access to behind the scenes bloopers and screenshots. And maybe some information about an upcoming project. 
Níli Ésha (Blood Sister)
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You can ask me a question about the language and I will answer either privately or make a video response. It is your choice which you fancy. 

You also get your name (pseudonym or real name) as a supporter in all of my videos. 

Egragra Éshadi (Rich Aunt)
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per Ehenív in Action

About Nina-Kristine Johnson

Da yanæ! (Hello!)

In 2004, inspired by the Gerudo tribe from the video game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, I decided to create my own constructed language called Va Ehenív (The Desert Language). 13 years later, it has blossomed into a fully functional language!

Today, I still enjoy writing entire skits in the language, playing dress-up, and reciting the lines in front of my camera. After tweaking my creations in my video editor; I post the results of my fun time on YouTube to share with the World!