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is creating Classics essays that are personal, political, feminist, and fun
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About Eidolon Classics Journal

Eidolon makes the classics political and personal, feminist and fun.

As a discipline, Classics could be more of these things, and we’re determined to make that happen. We publish on our main site about the ancient and modern worldpedagogypop cultureculture only classicists care aboutissues in the field, and the occasional whimsical listicle on our blog, idle musings. When we first launched in 2015, the fact that no equivalent publication existed gave us the freedom to define what we wanted to be. Our new mission statement affirms our commitment to opening the field to diverse voices and creating a classics without fragility.

Now, more than two years in, we have cultivated a strong, intelligent community of readers who engage in respectful discourse. We operate with a staff of four editors and a daily readership averaging over 2,500 views. We believe writing is real work, and we have a firm commitment to always pay our writers. We aim to keep our content freely accessible online and not behind a paywall. We're thankful to all our Eidolon readers for supporting us as we've grown into an independent publication. We hope you'll continue to help us by lending your support as patrons, gaining access to exclusive content, special issues, discounts to our store, and endless gratitude.

Have a read, become a patron, and take part in making Classics better.

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