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The fire of faith burns eternal.

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Chaos is the only truth.

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This is where the fun begins. 

Tome of Blasphemy [Black Crusade Rules Revisions] - Apocrypha Volume 1

Tome of Atrocity [Black Crusade Original Content] - Apocrypha Volume 2

Tome of Anarchy [Black Crusade Malal/Malice Content] - Apocrypha Volume 3

Tome of Glory [Wrath & Glory, Cubicle 7] - Apocrypha Volume 4

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This patreon page is here to help me support and distribute my work. It will allow me to connect with my audience and for them to provide direction to my work. Lastly, it will give rise to the great shadows beyond time and space! Just kidding ;) 

Here is where I am lay down what is currently being called The Apocrypha Collection, a series of fan expansions for former Fantast Flight Game's Black Crusade game line and Ulissess North America's  Wrath & Glory. The best part about this endeavor is that everything I work on will be free and open to anyone's use. This patreon is not here to charge anyone for any particular product. It is merely here for those that want to support me and the work I am doing. Any money you give me is a donation, a tip if you will. I don't own any of these properties nor claim that I do. 

Speaking of which, let me explain how this will all work. As I respect all the hard work that has gone into the Black Crusade gameline, none of the works I produce will wholly reproduce any content (rules or otherwise) that exists from a previously published work. If I do have to reference any preexisting work, I will make sure to cite the source that I am referencing and provide a link to where someone can legally purchase the source material. This way money can still flow up toward those that rightly own the intellectual property. Additionally, whenever I can I will cite and source the art that I am using.

The goals and patron rewards will range from acquiring more art, to previewing upcoming releases, purchasing updated software, to having direct input on what will be produced next. In many respects my patrons will be my pool of playtesters and troubleshooters. They will be some of the first people I go to if I am stuck on a particular problem or need some advice on where to go next. 

Some of you may already be familiar with my Black Crusade Apocrypha, and this patreon page is an extension of that. Once this page goes live I will be removing access to that particular document and replacing it with several smaller PDFs that detail out all that selfsame material that you are use to, but in a the new format that I detailed above. From there my goal is to expand on each of the documents and even produce new ones.

This Patreon page is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited, Fantasy Flight Games, or Ulisses Spiele 

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You guys are the best! At this goal I will do a once a month live stream on Twitch of me actively working on the various projects and take questions from chat.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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