Eileen Dorsey

is creating colorful landscape paintings, absracts and fun videos
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A Virtual Thank You will be in a form of a video or still photo.  I will find creative ways to show my patrons gratitude for supporting me on my creative adventures.  

Real-Time Videos, Outtakes and More!
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Wanna see some real-time videos of me painting and talking about my day, my work, probably slip a curse word or two and give some practical advice on painting?  Then this tier is for you!  I will add several other videos as well, including time-lapse videos of paintings from beginning to end.  The real benefit to this tier is that there are some videos on here that I will not post anywhere else.  Lucky you!!

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This is what I call a Twofer.  This tier will give you access to both Tier 1 and 2.  Let my creativity flag fly!




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About Eileen Dorsey

Hello!  I am Eileen Dorsey.  I am an artist from Cleveland, Ohio.  I feel some people were born to do certain things and I was born to be an artist.  Since I was a toddler, I have enjoyed painting and drawing.  I continued to excel in my art classes throughout school and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a concentration in painting from Kent State University. 
I absolutely love painting!  Nothing beats the feeling of making something that someone truly appreciates.  But, I don't just paint.  If you want to learn more about who I am as a person, then view this video above.

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