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is creating Indie Folk-Pop and Neo-Soul Music
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Opal Bees are those lovely souls who are able to offer a monthly latte to help me reach my goals! Think of this as us grabbing a coffee in San Francisco, and me bringing you new musical surprises each time :) Every Opal Bee gets a single of their choice when signing up, and is able to make regular requests for what they'd like to see in the next video.

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About Eileen Torrez

My name is Eileen Torrez and I am an indie folk-pop and neo-soul singer and songwriter based in San Francisco, CA. My music builds on themes of community resilience, women's empowerment, and navigating truth and identity within a capitalist society. My goal is to create Fresh, Skillful Sound with On-Point Message, through both my music and my YouTube video content. By supporting my page, you fund the creation of original solo music, help me create musical collaborations with other solo artists and with a band, and enable me to perform for community events for free. In return you will have access to exclusive music and video content, including private song requests and all the behind-the-scenes info you could ever need!
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