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About Eima Blank

I have never been in Africa, but I have traveled in other poor former colonies of the world where I have been sensitized to history. In 1993, I entered the School of Social Sciences in Paris with Denys Lombard, the first French professor to ever write a book about Aceh in Indonesia. His teaching has been a deep influence during all the rest of my life.

In 2005, after "THE tsunami" that killed more than 250,000 people, I worked as a consultant for humanitarian organizations. I discovered there a modern form of colony where money and lies shape the destiny of billions of people.

I had started my early career as an ethnographer. After I returned from Indonesia in October 2005, I started to work on innovative technologies that would leave more technological power to the women for them to build their own houses. I worked, passed concourses, won concourses, patented my technologies and that's it. I had progressively fallen into the scope of international companies who are making business in Africa. They fought my innovations like they would have fought an army. I gave up the technologies but I did not give up my dreams to see a better world gaining influence, gaining authority and gaining the will to make the world better. That's why I came in America.

I am not fond of Liberals. I am not fond of Trump either. After 3 years in the United-States, I come to the point that I don't like anybody. Either they lie, either they are willingly blind, either they are abusive, either they are really stupid. I gave up to try any form of "understanding". I stepped aside in my autism and I started to write. At least, this makes me happy.

My blog is really personal, I don't make any politic but I try to influence any time I can the politics, the pastors, the priests, the teachers, the journalists, the writers, the movie makers and even the president !!! Yes, that's true. I don't really like him, but I don't really hate him either. I wrote him several times to suggest reforms. I respect the institution of the President and I respect my own power to inform and to educate. I think time is of the essence and if anytime I have an idea, I would have to wait for the good president, nothing would never happen. When I write to the President, it is to the People of America that I write, and it is very dear to me to share my opinion.

I don't plan to make you love me, not even like me. In fact, you might hate me sometimes, but I know for sure that I will make you think about yourself, your congregation, your city, your politicians, the news you read in the morning and the other news you have in the evening. At some point, there might be something about it that you like. We call it freedom.

Silent Africa website: https://eimablank.wixsite.com/silentafrica
Syllabus about African History: https://www.academia.edu/39740094/African_History
Blog about Africa: https://eimablank.wixsite.com/silentafrica/blog
Facebook page about Africa: https://www.facebook.com/unofafrica
Blog about religion: https://www.facebook.com/unofafrica
Forum about religion: https://www.facebook.com/unofafrica
Blog about carpentry: http://www.thecarpenthours.com
You can find my resume here: https://eimablank.wixsite.com/eimablank/cv
You can make a donation to support my research and my writing here: https://www.paypal.me/eimablank
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On June 2019, I posted a syllabus on Academia.edu and instantly, the syllabus was downloaded from almost 300 people, all kinds of profiles, teachers, students, researchers all over the world. I decided to go a little bit deeper into communicating my research and provide online lectures.

I don't receive any wage for my research and everything is posted when I have time. The purpose of Patreon Me is to gain more time/money to continue writing, researching and delivering content. My first goal when I reach 10 patreons is to take the time to move my wix website into Wordpress in order to increase the possibilities to communicate worldwide in different languages and add powerful educational tools to deliver a better quality content.
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