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About Enterprising Individuals

Enterprising Individuals is a weekly Star Trek discussion podcast that goes into excruciating detail about the series, characters, and stories of the Star Trek universe!. On every episode, host Aaron Coker aka Ka1iban talks with Trek authors, screenwriters, actors, and experts, getting in-depth, thoughtful, and hilarious takes on some of the best (and worst) episodes from every Star Trek series, from TOS to Discovery! Plus, there's breaking Trek news, updates on Star Trek: Discovery and upcoming All Access shows and trenchant commentary on the social issues of our world from a Trek perspective.

Patrons (our "crew members") get access to exclusive content, like our DS9 recaps, TOS episode commentaries, live shows, sneak peaks at future content, show merchandise, and more!

Our show is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and through our website at enterprisingindividuals.com.

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