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Thank you! Everything counts, and every dollar per month is worth many times its present day value when invested in the future, as I do with everything I receive here. 
Food For Thought
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Well done! $2 is a lot, and in 10% of the world $2 is more than a day's income - every day 20,000 grownups and children die from lacking the food such an an amount can buy.

I work to stop this - not with food but by technology and community - because we have in the would today the capacity to produce several times the food we need and want; the issue is distribution and power games.

As such two dollars per month here does not 'just' save a life for a single day *, but potentially millions of people in a soon better future, and as such your two dollars per month today is literally worth a million dollars in the world of tomorrow.

*) See my TED Talk in the video, to learn how much it actually costs to save a full average life from starvation today...  
The more the merrier
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Together we can lift the world! USD 5 is the average cost of the science articles and reports I buy and read a few of every day, to stay on top of the possibilities and limits of the world.  




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It's good seeing you here, THANK YOU! Now you are here, can we HELP each other?

The world is becoming ever more complex and our brains are not made for it - they were formed in the stone age for caves and tribes, not giant cities, internet and global politics. And they developed to dominate. In this new world, our old brains don't really see things as they are, and in turn we take strange choices that feel good but later costs us all a lot. We need to change that, soon, globally. [1]

Here, in this small forum, in my non-profit organizations and with all the reach I can give it with my life until now and forever, I work to improve the world scientifically, moving technology and society - and especially the scientific synergies between the two - forward as fast as is humanly possible. And we are moving forward well already, but but it can become much better much faster! [2]

Will you help me with that?

Because I need your help.

Despite being a modern day polymath, decision scientist, engineer and serial-entrepreneur I'm also a society front-runner. And if there is something many stone age brains are hooked on, it is to kick front-runners hard and ensure they stay down! To people of the old tribes - be they in fancy suits or khaki dress, young or old - I'm a dangerous idiot literally playing with fire, and I need to be stopped. They don't see how much the fire will help, once better understood.

To that end I have been beaten, bankrupted, imprisoned, isolated and slandered in the press - repeatedly - yet I always get back on my feet and will never yield from my mission!

And what then is that mission?: Understanding the whole world as much as possible, seeing synergies, solutions and societies, and implementing them.

Simply said, hard to do. But I am well on my way, having had quite some success within as diverse fields as electric vehicles, tools for multi-handicapped, universal basic income (UBI), so-called artificial intelligence, asteroid defence and anti-aging. And much more, including spreading my knowledge about reality, as you can see in my TED Talk above, and as lauded for by . And all of it focussed on society's gain.

[Here multi-handicapped Aziz and his EEG-controlled robot body]

[Here the World Electric Tour crossing the Gobi Dessert in Mongolia]

[Here Lena, Tine and Pernille - some of our recipients of basic income]

You can learn much more about me and my life up until now at

What can you do?

I can and do make my own money, but they are all bound to specific projects, with major sponsors and investors all pushing for their own pet projects to get first priority. What you grant me here go directly to society work, and I hope sooner or later to be solely a servant of the entire world society...

The more you help me here, the more beautiful and interesting our common future will be.

And I will keep you updated here, so you don't miss any opportunities created.

Thank you in advance for any and all help, and please let me know what I can do for you!

Sources and notes:

[1]: 'What’s blocking sustainability? Human nature, cognition, and denial' by professor William Rees at University of British Colombia (Canada):

[2]: 'How not to be ignorant about the world' by Professor Hans Rosling at Karolinska Institute (Sweden):
$2 of $200 per month
For every USD 200 per month I can use an extra 12-hour working day exclusively for society!

That literally means 3% faster progress, two tele-meetings with international researchers or a new small software tool developed for society every month.
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