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You can support me with whatever sum you want, even less than a dollar. Those who will contribute 2 dollars or more, will receive photos and video from at least one hill per month. I will sent at least 20 photos from every hill. Every supporter could also receive at least 2 short stories per month. The stories will be fun and the topic will be chose from your suggestions. I hope that i will inspire people to appreciate hills more and that's why i will take people to the mountain trip in Slovenia if someone would wish that experience. Those who will contribute 5 dollars or more, can contact me when you come to Slovenia and i will take you to the hills with me. The choice of the mountain will depend on time that you have and physical condition. Honestly, i would be thrilled to share piece of awesome view with you.




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About Ales M.

I would like to share beauties of the mountains with people who couldn't saw them otherwise. I would like to be paid that i visit at least on hill per month and share at least 20 photos with you. I also write short stories and i would provide at least 2 stories per months inspired by topic that patreon people would proposed.
I would be thrilled with your support because i would like to become independent artist and fighter for the clean nature, which is pretty difficult in Slovenia who have only 2 million people.

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With such a support i would become independent and i would fully commit to my loves. Hills and writing. I would also visit hills outside Slovenia and if someone would like to see the same beauties, i would take him with me to the most beautiful hills which are reachable without knowledge of climbing.
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