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About Elaine Wong

Hello there,

Welcome to my Patreon Page! I am Elaine, also know as ThatBlackCat artist based in Malaysia and I love making whimsical, doodly and colourful painting. This Patreon page will allow me to fund my art and videos, reach some of my art goals and to create more inspiring content for you! 

I'm an artist who works mostly in acrylics, marker pens and also (recently) in gouache, leather paints, fabric paints and ink. Aside from paintings and drawings on canvases, I also love painting on wood, stones, bags, shoes and other wearables.

What kind of work do you do?
I'm primarily a doodle and intuitive artist. Often I combine the two, intersecting zen motifs and cute doodles with colourful intuitive healing messages expressed as a kaleidoscope into the inner world. More about my story here 😊

Why Patreon?

I came to realize that not only I'm an introvert in the physical world, I'm also introverted in the virtual (online) world. I prefer to share lots of bits and pieces of my art life in an enclosed platform (like having a one-on-one coffee time with you, where I know you would listen, and talk about my life) than to shout them out loud in a room full of people. Patreon seems to be the perfect place for you and me to share this intimate interactions minus all the noise in social media.
What I love about Patreon is, it also allows us to contribute to an artist's dreams and visions, in small little ways. Your donations will enable and help me to buy new art supplies & digital hardware/software to create more stuff that I can share with you. You are also helping me, an artist to fulfill her vision & mission in life! In turn, this gives me the possibility of interacting more closely with you too!💕

How does Patreon work?
If you like my work and want to support me, feel free to choose a Tier you like - even the smallest amounts (for as little as 1 USD) make a difference! I’m happy about every little donation because it makes working and living for my dream a bit easier than it has been before. You can join anytime, edit your pledge anytime and cancel anytime. You get access to all online (as well as offline) content as soon as you pledge. I would like to say genuinely thank you so much for considering to become my patron. Any contribution is greatly appreciated, from the bottom of my heart!🙏

Yours whimsically,

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This is enough to support the monthly running fees of my website & online store, as well as paying the bills of my painting studio. Thank you so much for keeping my art alive!
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