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ELBOW ROCKET is BFFs James &  Jim (& other pals) creating podcasts & streams & "having fun." We kicked off in 2013 with our weekly ~1 hr "gaming" podcast "Elbow Rocket" about video games, pop culture, anime, movies and us.
In 2018 and 2019, we're working on a new ~bi-monthly narrative SCI-FI D&D lite audio project [SPACE DINGUS] with episodes 1-32 now up for Patrons! Patrons will get each episode 2+ weeks early!  Season 2 finished!!

What the $ goes to (2018): Hosting Fees: 20%, Paying Contributors: 20%, Equipment (40%), Do more recording/editing & producing better & more frequent content (20%)

The goal is more content: streams, videos, & audio projects! In particular, we have [SPACE DINGUS] and the archives of our PATRON-exclusive side-cast ("EXTRA ROCKET") branching into other topics, experimental content as well as other PATRON-extras such as panels we did at or near Conventions (Naka-Kon, RTX) in audio-form! There's also some video series, gimmick stream ideas & audio projects we'd like to start if we can get the time and funding.

THANK YOU for looking at this page and (considering) your support for ELBOW ROCKET & [SPACE DINGUS]

In-Progress Projects: SPACE DINGUS/ D&D Side Story Project Summer 2019
Elbow Rocket Untitled Monthly Podcast (January 2019-?)

Finished projects:
SPACE DINGUS Season 1 (Feb-Sept 2018)
SPACE DINGUS Season 2 (October 2018-July 2019)
Elbow Rocket Weekly Podcast 2013-2018
Extra Rocket Monthly Bonus Podcast 2015-2017

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 Hey thanks, every dollar helps! On Patreon, you get access to the main podcasts early, plus *some* of the extra podcasts and content! We will also give you a shout-out (your name or preferred username) on a podcast or stream EVERY month!
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On Patreon, you get early access to the main podcast and SPACE DINGUS ASAP, 2+ weeks early plus access to *all* extra podcasts, including all EXTRA ROCKETs, PANEL PODCASTS, and SD BTSs. Plus, that shout-out!
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All Patreon-exclusive content unlocked PLUS We will advertise/discuss your "thing" (website, your own channel or project, etc) on 1 podcast or stream (within reason), per month. Time limit and content restrictions apply.
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With ELBOW ROCKET NATION secure with equipment/resources, this next goal is for more side projects & stream experiments! We've upgraded tech a lot over the years, but this is the real benchmark for consistency of quality!
We'll celebrate with:
ALL WORK: will sound way better, plus small side things
SPACE DINGUS: Will Have Even More Polish!
TWITCH: additional stream every week, nearly a stream a day from one of us, more varied & longer streams, marathons, & some giveaways
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