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About Eldar


Hello! I wanted to share with you all my new Patreon profile page. I love making music and creating performance music videos. I'd like to continue to do so and need your support as fans, friends, and fellow musicians!

Patreon is an exciting crowdfunding platform that allows fans to directly contribute to their favorite artists’ endeavors.  Patreon is similar to Kickstarter.  However Patreon is more suited for people who are creating content on a regular basis.  Instead of making a one time contribution for a single project, you can select amount that you're comfortable with on a recurring basis for each video that I create.

Here are a few of my videos:

Patreon works by collecting a tip for each creation.  I’m asking you to pledge towards the creation of each performance video.  You can pledge $3, $5, or any amount per each video that I create (I won’t make more than 2 or 3 per month).  It’s not obligatory, and you can cancel at any time.  You can also set a max amount so you don’t go over your budget. 

The ad revenue model that is utilized by music streaming services is not financially sustainable for 99.9% of artists — especially in niche genres such as jazz and other instrumental music. The current streaming models have proven to pose a huge challenge for creators to monetize recorded music.

All the content on my YouTube page has always been free and I’m very happy that I’ve been able to connect with many people worldwide with my music.  It takes a lot of time, energy and resources to create videos in this current climate for creators in the internet age.   About a 100 years ago, technology paved the way for artists to sell recorded music.   It was through a physical package such vinyl, later a cassette and eventually a CD.  Nowadays technology has changed, and the model is going back to an era of the past — patronage.  This current model is strikingly similar to one of 300 years old.  This model is comprised of donors supporting their favorite artists.  Some of the most revered and famous works of art and music were made possible through patronage.

If you feel you can pledge and contribute for each video I release, I’m happy to offer a few rewards in return (see below)!  Your help and support goes a long way!  By contributing, you would officially become a patron of the arts.  Your support would allow me to continue creating music videos and archive live performances.  Thanks for your support!

Best from,

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