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About Elecore

My name is Elana Honor , Me and my husband are creating mobile games ,my husband is a great developer and he is 2d animator ,and Im great in game design , voice over and in art .

why should you patreon us ?
we love to create games that have unique ideas , games that you never played something similar to it before, now we are creating a game called Sticky Ricky and it we'll be available at the first of September 2018
Here's a fast look to the game

we finished the game mechanism, and added bunch of interactive objects, still we want to make it more exciting, next on our schedule we'll add big mean bosses each 10 levels, we want to add more interactive Object to make higher levels more challenges and i was thinking about adding extra mechanism for player control to make the game more interesting , like long press will slow time and Ricky can be move in the middle of the air by swiping.

There are other games but we'll announce about it when we finish Sticky Ricky.

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Thank you.
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