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About Joe Amadeo

Welcome to Electjoenic Game Reviews!

Q: Who are you?
My name is Joe Amadeo, and I'm a passionate gamer, programmer, and hopeful new podcaster! For as long as I can remember, I've always been a massive fan of gaming in all forms. Portable, Home Console, and even table top!

Q: Why start a podcast?
I started Electjoenic Game Reviews to help motivate me to finish my ever growing list of back-logged games. I'm also Italian and LOVE to twalk so get ready to hear me and my Chicago-Italian accent!

Q: Why should I listen to you compared to other gaming podcasts out there?
That's a great question! This podcast is just me, so you'll get to hear me exclusively, get to know me better as a gamer, programmer, and podcast reviewer. Instead of rating games on a scale of 1-10 system, or in a binary Yes/No system, I use a different approach. You'll still hear my opinion, but instead I rate games based on which types of audiences I think would like the game, and which audiences would dislike the game. I also include a "Suggestions for Improvement" section where I talk about new ways developers could improve their game. I'm also Italian, 25, and like long walks on the beach. 

Q: Which consoles do you review games on?
Nintendo Switch
Xbox One
iOS/Android/Fire OS

Q: Great! How can I listen?
My podcast hosted through Anchor and is available on all major platforms including Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pocketcasts, Stitcher, (coming soon) Apple Podcasts. You can also download the Anchor app on your mobile device and listen there too!

Q: I like your content! How can I support you?
Thanks to Patreon, you can support me here! By no means do you need to donate to my show, this is purely for entertainment purposes, but if you are feeling charitable, I will gladly accept donations in exchange for releasing more content more frequently. 

Q: What's in it for me?
By supporting my Game Review Podcast, you will get access to my private discord server. There you can talk about any of the games I've reviewed, or any games at all! You can also recommend me new games to play. We can hold tournaments, play multiplayer games together, the possibilities are literally endless.
Depending on donations, I would love to reciprocate and hold contests and give out digital codes of the games I've reviewed!

Q: Joe, I want you to review this game! It's called... and please review it!!!
I will gladly take all review suggestions. Please give me time to play the game. Some games depending on how long the game is, I may or may not finish it, because I think I might play enough of it to base my review for. Other times, I want to get my opinion out there as soon as possible so I'll review my current progress and release a follow up in the future. We'll see.

Q: Why should I become a Patron for you?
If you become a patron, I will absolutely love you forever. In all seriousness, I am not expecting donations, but if you like my content and want to support me, I will modestly (and gladly) take it. This is purely a passion project for me and my main goal is to not just complete my back log but also educate people on games out there that aren't just the mainstream games, but also the hidden gems. The indies. A little bit of everything. 

So there you have it! Thanks for visiting my page!
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When I reach $100 per month, I will be release content more often. I will also hold contests where I select random individuals to receive a digital version of a game that I reviewed! 
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