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is creating art for fun and profit but mostly fun!

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You get access to all of the Pay What You Want tier.

Do you have a custom Homebrew Character Class that you'd like to see formatted to match the official D&D 5e character sheets?

If you play D&D 5e, and you use my Character Class Reference document, I'll format your custom Character Class for you. It'll match the D&D 5e character sheets so it'll blend right in.

Let's keep it clean! 




But mostly fun! I make my profit from my day job.

I am an artist working in the animation industry. I currently work as a background and layout artist but I’ve also worked and taught as a stop-motion and classical animator. And before that I built models for visual effects.

Over at I created the original Player’s Cheet Sheet; now a Mithral Best Seller. I have other products in the works but they’ve been on the back burner because being a full time dad and artist requires a lot of hustle.

This is where Patreon comes in.

My longtime goal here is to earn a living making the things I love: art and D&D stuff.

I currently act as Dungeon Master (game leader/referee) for my two kids and their friends (sometimes parents, too) and it's a blast, as they completely destroy my expectations every time we play!

What you would be supporting by becoming a patron are character portraits, publishing templates, detailed environment paintings, adventures, maps of all types, and the occasional piece of fanart. My content will always be family friendly and hopefully unique.

I work with my ADHD to produce highly detailed work which can take a long time to produce. So, even though there won't be a final piece of art every month, there will be updates and progress reports available to everyone. So follow me for a while and see what you think before committing to being a patron. 

I am on the ground floor here, with what I'm doing on Patreon, so please jump in and help me shape this into something. Everyone will have a voice in helping me create my projects and discover my next.

If something like Ko-fi is more your thing, I'm over there too. Trying to figure that out.

Thank you for your support!
Sean Wickett
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I wanna draw some cool stuff and meet some cool folks.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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