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dec mixes and all my 2018 mixes
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you will get every month  the mixes i made that month  (send me a mesage here with youre email adres).  also you can watch the locked video's here add free via BitTube!




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hi ladies and gents
since  early 2015 i having my own Youtube channel!! i post video mixes on this channel, mainly Psychedelic Trance mixes combined with video's from psytrance festivals around the world!! I do this because its my pasion.  I dont make any money out of it, yes peoples can donate to me, but i dont get money directly from any video!! the reason is simple all video mixes contains copy right material as all tracks i use are not made by me but by producers. the reason i start this up is because i want to have and create more own content, that means, going to the festivals in the summer and shoot my own video's for my mixes that i post then on my youtube channel! For this, to go to the festivals its not  cheap. as i live in Holland most psytrance festivals are based in other (european) countries!! I am not rich, so i need to find other means to get where i want to go. And thats where you guys n gurls get into play, If you donate  for the good cause !! then i am able to go to those festivals and shoot my own content as i now get movies or borrow most content from fellow youtubers!!
I will come up with other ways to give you guys something back for youre donations!! 
Thank you for reading this and if you going to donate, i am really really gratefull !!!

greetings and respect to all of you outhere!!
Electric Samurai
$14 of $1,500 per video mix
My first goal for 2019 is to get a new DJ-controller!
The one i use now served its time..  it is about 5 years old!
Another goal is  to get a new camera for recording at festivals , as  the camera i use now got a few defaults that can be repaired.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
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