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I am an artist of music & poetry that creates self produced original works. To date I've completed 3 eclectic music albums with a range of genres spanning jazz, soul, folk, rock, blues, & more. I also write poetry & perform readings of my poetic works for Instagram, Facebook, & Youtube.

I'm aspiring to compile my poetry into a book over time & I am currently working on a 4th music album to release hopefully later this year. Along with all that I'm branching into part time guitar teaching as well.

All contributions to this page are in support of these artistic endeavours & are greatly appreciated. I am open to chat or collaborations, so feel free to message me anytime!

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This is a rebuild project to bring back to glory my Mann SG Copy Doubleneck 12/6 String Electric Guitar. I bought it used some years back & though it's playable it could use work to make it truly golden once more. Contributions to this goal will support replacing the tuning machine heads, the 12 string nut, the 6 string bridge, wiring inspection/touch up, possible pick up refreshing, and of course a full setup once all the parts and hardware are updated.

For those curious Mann guitars have long since been out of production but they were Japanese made copies build & sold in between 1971-1985.

Many thanks for your help in this endeavour!


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