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The Donor role allows you to get free keys for products at Electro Studios, as well as give you free Behind the Scenes to each product we publish; this is usually a short documentary or a DLC to let you unlock the feature in an app or game.

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Not only do you have everything from Level 1, but you also get access to more behind the scenes content such as private betas and more.

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About Electro Studios

Electro Studios is a multimedia publishing company where creators get the money they make without the royalties. Because of this, Electro Studios relies on donations from supporters of the creators that publish with Electro Studios to help pay for licensing each project.

Electro Studios was founded in 2019 with the aim to help musical artists get their music published for free and get all the profit. Push comes to shove, Electro moved on to also publish podcasts, games, TV shows, and more.

These donations help pay for a few things that are key for Electro to be run:
  • Licensing fees to get on big platforms (eg. iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, etc.)
  • Domain and server fees (eg. our website, Electro Direct, etc.), and:
  • Extra bonuses for the hard-working backbone of Electro (they ensure the content is ready for publishing, manage artist pages, help publish the content, and more)
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Although a small number, it is great to know that people are here to support. In return, apart from a big "Thank you!," we will be reaching out to more and more people to allow a wider variety of content for not only the patrons, but everyone, to enjoy.
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