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About Kohaku


Hey-yo! This is Kohaku, creator of Elektron graphics!

I'm an artist, designer, informal comic creator, crazy cat chick, graphic design student, and lover of all things weird!
What I aspire to be is a full time artist and illustrator, always looking for something cool and invigorating in art. And I think Patreon is an awesome way to help me realize that dream, since not only will I be able to work on more illustrations and videos, but those who wish to support me will be able to get some cool content as I progress! It's like a win-win situation~

My main focus in my Patreon account is illustrations, time-lapsed videos of my illustrations, and even art tutorials!

If you want to support me and get cool stuff, feel free to subscribe to any of my reward tiers. 


If you only want to donate once without a subscription, I have a Ko-fi account so you can do just that~
Anyway, thank you so much for stopping by, it means a heck of a lot!
Stay awesome~

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