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2ft Patreon daddy
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Thank you so much for contributing! Honestly anything helps me and I'm very appreciative for any help I can get!

Rewards are:
- My undying respect
- Permanent appearance in the credits for all of my future works, regardless of continued contribution

5ft Patreon Dad
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Thank you so much for putting your faith in me! I know it doesn't seem like a lot but you have no idea how much being paid for my creative efforts encourages me to do more and better work

Rewards for this are (including previous rewards)
- Access to the absolute highest resolution renders of all my projects

- Access to all project files for all future projects

- Access to all blog posts detailing future plans, and my Idea List document where I keep track of all of the things I plan on working on at some point

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Wow, what a big fucking guy

You get everything described in the previous tiers, plus...

- You get access to my private Discord server, which is the main place I hang out

- Special rank showing your support

- See all the work in progress screenshots of everything I make

- Toss around ideas with me on new projects

Includes Discord rewards




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About Elisha Shaddock

Hello! I'm Eli. I do quite a lot of creative work stuff, from 3D Art, 2D Graphics, Programming, and Video production. I'm bi, and I love my cat solomon. Currently I can't keep a job due to some nasty anxiety stuff, so I hope that I can make this work instead. My goal is to be able to afford the help for it that I need. Thanks for stopping by!
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