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About Elias

My name is Eli, short for Elias french youtuber living in America (VIRGINIA) and I make comedy/entertainment videos. I post multiples times a week and I try really hard to do EVERYTHING for my viewers. I live stream, post all the time, I comment back to EVERY SINGLE person, I engage my viewers and talk about them and openly with them all the time on streams. My little Habibi squad is pretty awesome I gotta say ! 
Honestly though, I really have been at an all time low in my life recently and income is just a nightmare to think about. I hide my sadness behind my smile on camera and just continue to upload because honestly...it's the only thing I know to do and feel like people are my friends. So I make videos because it's fun to me, i love the editing process, I love coming up with the next idea to do. I spend my time thinking about how to make my viewers laugh and smile ! So If you feel compelled enough to help a brother out. It would mean the absolute world...more than you can possibly imagine. 
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I post a lot of content regularly and I put effort into trying to make people smile. I think it would be nice if I was able to reach my first 20 dollars instead of seeing money thrown at youtubers who are merely talentless and get thousands of subs just for twerking after every killcam on COD. lol
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