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About Elias Limitless

Hi there! I'm Elias Limitless! A youtuber & world traveler!

I've been traveling pretty much all the time since 3 years across Europe (and a little beyond). I do videos on Youtube about traveling, inspiration, spirituality and whatever comes to my mind. I was born in 1996 and as of writing I'm 21yrs young. Sometimes I don't know in what country I'll be tomorrow.

Social Media!

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My Youtube Channel

On Youtube I pretty much document my journey of becoming the greatest version of myself, and places and events I find on my restless travels. I find myself a lot questing what's the next in my life, and what to do on Youtube. This is a journey and I'm on it RIGHT NOW!

A bit of my background

I was born in a small town in Germany, and until I was 18yrs I had basically no friends and was very shy. I decided to change my life in 2014 and went traveling by bike in Germany for 4 months. This is how it started and ever since I've been to 30+ countries, met thousands of people and much much more. 


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