Eli Imadali

is creating powerful photographs and quality journalism

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I am a photojournalist passionate about moving everyday people through my images. I want my photographs to make you feel, to build empathy, to inform the public, to influence legislation, to inspire and show beauty. I hope you get something out of my work as it grows and progresses.

As a young professional and university student, it's proven hard to do what I love and value most while also earning money. I've put tons of time, energy and money into my camera equipment and skillset, so I'm excited to give my patrons access to the fruits of all this labor!

As a patron, you will get access to all of my posts and stories. Depending on your reward level, you can see either single image and caption posts, or multi-image and caption posts. Once this page grows, I will be offering more rewards levels, including inside looks into the back end of things -- my thought process when photographing, new projects and what's to come!!

Thank you again all of you beautiful people.
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When I earn my first $100, I'll release a video about what's to come in my photographic endeavors and travels!
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